Save the date: Reactivate the demand of destinations at DestinaXtion, the free virtual event, on the 29th and 30th of September.

to destinations, embarks on what is probably its most ambitious adventure to date. DestinaXtion - Connecting Tourism Players (September 29-30, 2021) is a free virtual event, with limited capacity and 2 days of duration, designed to boost the reactivation of Spanish destinations and recover the demand of its main markets, connecting decision makers of destinations, tour operators, agencies, airlines and technology providers, among other players in the travel sector.

Free Booking Links do Google Hotel Ads: Todos os nossos clientes já estão conectados!

No dia 9 de Março, a Google anunciou o lançamento dos Free Booking Links, ou seja, links de reserva gratuitos na plataforma Google Hotel Ads (GHA). Neste momento, todos os clientes da Paraty Tech já aparecem nesta página.

About Booking Basic and other relevant updates: the OTA in sheep’s clothing

Yes, we have a spy on and it is called Price Seeker. Thanks to our price control tool, we were able to detect, in its day, the arrival of the Early Payment Benefit, and more recently, this change in Booking Basic and its possible consequences in terms of price monitoring.

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