7 sales incentives that increase your conversion rate

The main goal when managing the official website of any tourist accommodation establishment is to ensure that no client who intends on booking leaves midway through the purchase process because we haven’t paid special attention to a particular detail.

To make sure of this, after checking availability, competitive prices for all markets and good booking conditions, don’t forget to analyse the purchase behaviour of your target market, bearing in mind that innovation and design are undisputed allies.


Making small changes with colours or the accenting of some texts to inform people of certain exclusive advantages or special payment methods are calls to action that urge the client to make a search on your booking engine, increasing the chances of them completing a booking on your official website.


Make special emphasis on the data that affects the purchasing process. Data such as the site’s speed and searches, or the abandonment percentage at each stage of the process is valuable information you can use to implement small improvements that will allow you to make your website more attractive to clients.


Add value to your website. Identify the pros that work best for you and make sure to contact us:

  1. Personalised heading

Enter a configurable module on the upper part of the engine where you can highlight services that are included exclusively for clients of your website.

  1. Icons with highlighted features in rooms

Highlight features included in the room about to be chosen with eye-catching icons, in addition to services on offer at the hotel that are highly popular with guests, including free WiFi, gymnasium, spa, etc.

  1. Information on demand and availability

Enter highlighted texts informing the user when availability is limited or when booking is popular to encourage a client to confirm their booking when making their search, therefore not leaving it until later when prices may be higher or, in a worst case scenario, when the hotel can no longer offer availability. Include these in the header of the booking process.

  1. Highlighted offers

Personalise the colour in which offers appear to make them more visible and attractive such that the client knows a promotion is being applied to them.

  1. Signs with sales incentives

Include a sign with relevant information that appears when hovering over a certain rate or board plan. These can include sales incentives (e.g. exclusive late check-out), special terms and conditions with a board plan (e.g. drinks included) or other important information about the hotel or the selected dates (e.g. Christmas Gala included).

  1. Floating banner with reasons to book on the website

Remind users of your website about the reasons they should book on your page in addition to the payment methods available.

  1. Booking pop-up

While the booking engine looks for the most competitive rates, introducing a booking pop-up is an interesting technique used to ensure users of your website are aware that they are about to be shown rates and that they do not abandon this part of the process. It also informs them we are looking for the best price for their booking.

For further information contact Paraty Tech at info@paratytech.com or by calling +36 952 23 08 87.


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