Long tail SEO, bonus track and geolocation: online marketing for independent hotels

Online positioning for independent hotels can be more difficult than for large chains, especially in terms of SEO or natural positioning. Improving results on search engine result pages (SERPS) must be the objective. However, it’s important to understand your limitations in order to identify opportunities.

Search engine marketing for independent hotels has become an obligatory task in recent years. Appropriately positioning a hotel on search engines can be the difference between optimising income thanks to an increase in direct sales and increasing the degree of dependence on OTAs, distancing yourself from the “healthy mix” of intermediation necessary to enjoy a presence on the market and reach the different segments of tourists you are aiming for.

Obviously it is difficult for any independent establishment to fight against the positioning of large hotel chains on search engines as they can set aside large budgets to improve their search results. In addition, things become complicated when talking about Booking or Expedia, however, the battle isn’t lost. It’s simply a case of converting weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities: a “must” for any marketing plan.

  1. Adapt your keywords to your real bid possibilities following a Long tail SEO strategy. To do so, don’t try to be first on searches like “hotels in Madrid”. Instead, try to be first using other criteria. Try “hotels with spa near Ventas in Madrid.” You’ll realise that with specific keywords, despite having a lower number of searches, your competition is much lower.
  2. Turn social networks into your best allies. Remember that posts on social networks also influence your positioning. Practice active listening, don’t forget “what you’re talking about” and create a bonus track or generate “clues” and additional contents that meet the needs of your clients. Consider that people usually prefer something that is gifted to them.
  3. Your location is one of your best opportunities: be local to become global. Share your contents and collaborate with the websites of local businesses. Recommend places of tourist interest from your official website to simultaneously feed your own site. Periodically make posts about the events being held in your area, talk about them and improve your positioning.

Nobody said it was easy, but it’s not impossible either. At Paraty Tech we understand the importance of developing a good search engine marketing strategy, which is why we start working on one the moment we begin to develop your website. Don’t hesitate to get in touch: www.paratytech.com.


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