Many aspects that requiere much patience.Technology at the service of hoteliers.

Have you ever had the feeling that technology is moving so quickly it’s impossible to get a grasp of it? It almost seems as though the minute you’ve familiarised yourself with a term or concept, a more advanced version appears, meaning you need to start over.

Step by step… Keep saying it to yourself.

It’s clear that not only has the digital world changed our way of communicating, but it’s also made us change certain practices or habits that were often a bit laborious.

Not so long ago, having a laptop was a luxury, the mobile phone practically didn’t exist, and desktop computers were enormous and reduced your workspace by half. Remember the endless waits involved in trying to make an internet connection? And that’s not to mention those first online purchases when people would hold their breath until the product finally reached their home.

Those who dedicate themselves to tourism and more specifically those in the hotel industry understand that if there is one sector that has advanced rapidly in the field of technology it’s the hotel sector. Demand for hotel services has swiftly stabilised on online channels and this has forced the industry to follow the path of continuous and continued renewal.

In a question of very few years, the industry has changed from speaking of marketing services such as word of mouth to being dominated by terms like search engine marketing, social network marketing and content marketing, or in other words, SEO, inbound marketing and social media marketing.

Companies have had to adapt at frightening speed to SEO, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram and Facebook.

Specifically, hotels have had to work on developing their own websites, integrating booking engines, channel managers, PMS and DMS, as well as creating another marketing strategies founded on emotions, where experience is the star player.

Yield management gave way to revenue management and specialised departments were created at a frenzied pace. Excel spreadsheets were transformed into technological solutions that enabled magic to be performed, saving time and money. There are now real time rate matchers, histories on competitors’ rates, and market segmentations that were previously impossible to achieve without using quantitative techniques (long questionnaires, SPSS Statistics, and cold, hard numbers).

Maybe the world is going mad but it’s impossible to remain on the side-lines. Hoteliers simply have to adopt buzz marketing, reintermediation, long tail SEO, ads, retargeting, remarketing, payment gateways, funnels and conversion rates or they’ll be left behind.

In this regard, it’s not a question of reacting, but one of acting and working with the opportunities the environment offers.

To finish as we started… Step by step… Everything needs a little time.

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