When holiday season begins on social networks: The social tourist

Understanding the client is essential as far as building loyalty is concerned. Ensuring you reach them through an in-depth knowledge of their needs is one of the key tasks of any hotelier. Being in the right place at the right time is a priority. Communication is an obligatory act, but one that must always come after having listened. Staying ahead of demand while having a clear view of market trends is a “must-have” skill in the sector and deliberately seeking tourists is a formula that works.

In this last case, it isn’t simply a question of commencing debilitating and time-consuming searches. Switching on a computer can be the gesture that offers a response, enabling continued growth: today, the tourist consumer is on the Internet and, more specifically, on social networks.


The steps to be followed are simple and well-known. Start by choosing the platform you wish to move on. There are those who prefer Twitter and those who are more inclined to Facebook. It depends on your strategy and where the main concentration of tourists you are aiming for can be found. Making one of them a priority does not imply abandoning the rest. It simply means identifying the real business opportunity.


Instagram, the tourist’s big photo album, has to be considered. On this social network trends become data through images that indicate what travellers want and, better yet, how they want it. Instagram is the ideal place for benchmarking and improving your services.


Once you’ve made up your mind, what seemed easy becomes a little complicated and laborious. Social network marketing is not quick, nor is it free. The time investment is high. You need comprehensive and updated profiles that avoid giving off a sense of abandonment or neglect. You must monitor comments and offer responses and solutions within a maximum of 48 hours. Generating attractive content is another golden rule. Excellently linked photos and videos can be used, as well as many other features.


Now then. The interesting aspect here is looking at the issue from the viewpoint of the beneficiaries, beyond the positioning of your brand or publishing a sufficiently powerful and distinct image in order to be “chosen”. The important thing is to clearly understand where your social networking strategy will take you and if you are capable of aligning your objectives with what the tourist wants.

Simply being present makes no sense. It does not make actions profitable and it does not justify the investment, which can then become a cost.

Considering social networks as a meeting point with the consumer may help you. However, be aware that, right now, social networks are a source of knowledge in relation to client taste, preferences, behaviour and perceptions, enabling you to give your social media marketing strategy another focus.


The social tourist is someone who doesn’t begin their journey at the airport. They can be defined as someone who, having identified a desire to travel, begins their journey on social networks. As such, they make sure to perform numerous searches on the Internet in order to gather all the information they need to optimise their time and money.

Likewise, the social tourist is not a tourist who finishes displacement when they unpack their bags; instead they do so when they have given accounts of their experience through complaints, thanks, compliments and graphic documents. This translates into data that you can efficiently gather and closely analyse, with interpretations that go beyond what they tell you. Remember, the additional information provided is not real, rather it is contrasted.


Social CRM is an extension of regular CRM. It is the chance to integrate the data tourists offer on social networks with what you already have on your CRM. One does not involve the disappearance of the other as they complement one another.

At this moment in time the market offers multiple opportunities. Will you let us help you?



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