Who`s who?

Data Seekers, the technological arm of Paraty Tech, takes centre stage on social networks and it already has a LinkedIn profile.

Who are Paraty Tech and who are Data Seekers?

In this regard, it’s important to note that Paraty Tech is defined as a technology services company offering revenue management and online marketing solutions, specialised in the hotel sector. Meanwhile, Data Seekers presents itself as the company that, adapting to the needs of hotel establishments, develops these technology solutions, adhering to two maxims in the strategic management of any hotel: continuous improvement and achieving objectives focusing on issues such as setting prices and direct sales.

Data Seekers: technology at the service of the tourism sector

Likewise, it’s worth highlighting that regardless of the work developed, in recent years Data Seekers has positioned itself as a technological leader in other segments of the tourism market, consolidating its involvement in activities such as car rental, allowing it to increase its client portfolio exponentially. Today, there are 150 companies that trust in its services and solutions.

Data + Paraty: a safe bet for hoteliers

These two companies share an intriguing history, having been founded by two siblings: Gina Matheis, current CEO at Paraty Tech, and Franz Matheis, CEO at Data Seekers and CTO at Paraty Tech. They present two very different professional profiles but they complement one another perfectly as they both believe in and support the personalisation of services that they offer. This is only possible when objectives are aligned with a unique strategy: “different clients, different needs.”

Data and Paraty are synonymous, meaning reliability and skill when hotels are involved. If there’s one thing the Matheis siblings have clear, it’s that every hotel is unique and internal communication and coordination between both companies are the keys to success that have led their tools to enjoy an ever-growing presence not only in Spain, but also in countries like Portugal, Italy and Germany.

Data Seekers and Paraty Tech solutions

Furthermore, Data Seekers acts as a distributor for some of the technology solutions that Paraty Tech markets, along with its consultancy duties in terms of revenue management. An example of this is Price Seeker, the price control tool that is revolutionising the market.

You can find out more about both companies on www.paratytech.com or www.dataseekers.es.


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