PriceSeeker has arrived in Greece

Alexandros Papanikos, CEO at Hotelsoft and Daniel Sánchez, business development manager at Paraty Tech.

Paraty Tech closes the first half of the year with great results with regards to its internationalisation plan. Together with its partner Hotelsoft, the advent of PriceSeeker in Greece consolidates the company’s international trade network and establishes it as a benchmark in the Greek market.

In this regard, Daniel Sánchez, business development manager at Paraty Tech, points out that “for Paraty, Greece means, among other things, reaching a market with great potential due to their proactivity when it comes to including new technologies in their improvement process”. Sanchez adds that “at present, they are approaching the main hotel corporations in the country.”

Gina Matheis, CEO at Paraty Tech, explains that “the warm welcome we received in Greece is directly related to the versatility of the technological solutions that we are marketing since all our developments are in-house and we are capable of adapting them to each client”. In addition, Matheis confirms Paraty Tech’s intention to continue expanding its tools outside of Spain, opening up new markets and consolidating its new strategic business positions.

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