5 ways to increase your direct sales via loyalty

Loyalty clubs have a number of advantages although recently, they seem to have gone out of style. The truth is that they still work.

One of the reasons is that the Internet allows us to adapt our retention strategy to the needs of our customers, adding value to those services that best meet the requirements of the tourist.

Nevertheless, we know that looking for a new purchase is not the same as a repeat purchase. Therefore, the programs vary according to not just the type of customer, but also to our objectives.

Tell us which one is yours!


Leave the guest wanting more by offering a “parallel price” upon booking, exclusively for those who have signed up for your customer’s loyalty club.

What could happen?

In the worst case scenario, the customer will leave your website but at best, you will have a new customer and a new record in your database.


Now, toss them a bone and give them a check-out promo code after their stay at the hotel.

Send them a discount code to their email address. The only condition to avail of your promotion is to register in your loyalty program.

Remember that the promotion can also be customized: the longer the stay, the greater the discount!


Let’s go a little further.

How about offering a membership card with a customer number that your loyalty club member can enter upon booking? This way, they can instantly benefit from the discounted rates and other exclusive perks.

It’s your opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell. Add value and set a “good” price.

Make their mouths water. Do not forget that you can send them a physical card to present at the hotel to get exclusive advantages of your choice: restaurant, parking, late check-out, etc.


If you are still not convinced, do not worry. You can’t go wrong with the classics.

“Collect points from your bookings and enjoy all our services with additional perks!”

This offer is a sure-win. Who can resist this?


If they resist, it’s alright. How about a membership program?

Offer the customer the option of becoming a Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Queen, King or VIP member, taking their number of reservations and nights into account.

Of course, make it clear that unfortunately “nothing lasts forever” and that their discounts have an expiration date. Invite them subtly to come back as soon as possible.

We at Paraty Tech offer you a made-to-measure approach. You just have to tell us what you need.

Still got questions?

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