Listen Up: Make the most of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction surveys are a key source of information about which aspects of the service are most valued by your customers as well as the areas for improvement after their stay in your establishment.

There is no doubt that a well-designed customer satisfaction survey not only provides a direct channel of communication between the hotel and its clients but it can also be a way of showing your ability to listen actively. It provides you with enough information to contact those customers whose level of satisfaction was not expected or to thank those who responded with a high level of satisfaction.

For instance, when an establishment makes changes due to a specific request of a tourist and they are informed about it, it will leave them a very good impression. Thus, it will increase the possibility of a repeat purchase.

Therefore, it is important to remember that neglecting or not adequately addressing satisfaction surveys can be counterproductive.

Furthermore, we emphasise the need to prepare the questionnaire wisely. Only a well-made survey will provide relevant information. Make the most of it by listening to your customers.

We at Paraty Tech are aware of the importance of capturing the voice of the customer. That’s why we have developed an action protocol that allows you to optimise the process, arriving at the right time, the right way, the right tourist, with the appropriate questionnaire.

We’ll tell you all about it below:

When should I send the satisfaction questionnaire?

We consider that satisfaction surveys should not be delayed too much. Our recommendation is to send them by email on the same day of the check-out.

Customised questionnaires

We are also aware that each hotel has different characteristics so we opt for completely configurable and personalised satisfaction surveys.

You can update them as often as you wish thanks to the personalised features and its ‘flat design’ graphics in which you can adjust both the colours and the questions and answers depending on the responses you are collecting.

The objective is to obtain information that is most relevant to you in order to improve your facilities and services.

Questions and answers, reduce the dropout rate

Moreover, we at Paraty Tech understand that one of the main problems is the dropout rate once the customer has started to answer the questions.

Therefore, we offer you the possibility of working with 4 different types of responses. This way, the survey can be answered quickly

You can choose from the following options:

• Very dissatisfied to very satisfied (with clickable smiley faces)

• Multiple choice (with clickable checkboxes)

• Single-answer (type YES or NO)

• Open-ended questions Nevertheless, for your convenience, there is an option of using a default basic questionnaire, which offers an overview of the customer’s perception of their stay at the hotel.

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Customising contact email

We also offer the option of personalising the email linked to the questionnaire. There are two available models: One of them goes hand-in-hand with the questionnaire itself in which the text can be personalised. The other one allows you to send a more personal email, akin to the hotel’s aesthetic, with personalised text and pictures and active social network icons.

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Data reporting and analysis

We also send you monthly reports of the results. The reports are very visually-attractive and very easy to interpret. The first block provides an overview of the results and then the details of the questions.

Additionally, responses to open-ended questions will indicate the corresponding booking number. This will allow you to contact the customer directly in order to give them an answer or a solution as required.

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The hotel must be able to access the data whenever they want. Therefore, apart from the monthly reports, you will also have a URL with your own password where you can see all questionnaires filled based a specific date range. You can also view the completed questionnaires or look up only certain questions.

Real-time queries

Similarly, you can receive a notification every time a customer completes the questionnaire.

This way, you can check the results in real time and get immediate responses in order to improve the customer’s perception of your customer service.


Lastly, the system detects if the evaluation of the questionnaire is positive. Once completed, it will offer the customer the option of sharing their experience on Tripadvisor. If they took the time to speak well of the hotel, they probably wouldn’t mind doing it again.

If you want more information, contact us at We will be happy to address all your concerns.

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