The new features of the Business Intelligence Analyzer of Paraty Tech

We at Paraty Tech understand the importance of data in decision making that’s why we are integrating an online Business Intelligence Analyzer in our booking engine. The key principle of this new feature is to predict changes that currently affect the hotel sector.

Below are the new updated features and we assure you that this is just the beginning. Due to our policy of continuous improvement and flexibility, our technology solutions have become the best tools with a high level of adaptability to the market and the specific needs of each establishment.


The tool designed with the cutting-edge technology from Data Seekers, our technological nerve center, calculates the key ratios to understand the situation of your hotel.

No matter the time or day, you can check your conversion ratio, the number of accumulated bookings, the average price, the average duration of stay or the cancellations of the current month or any other month.


What is there, what was there and how the month closed

These data are also compared automatically with the results obtained on the same month of the previous year. This will allow you to check the positioning of your establishment compared to last season.

In this case, the interesting thing is that the retrospective offers a comprehensive information as you can compare the accumulated bookings of the same day you are viewing with the information related to the month-end closing.

It’s not a problem either if you want to check your sales history. Our Business Intelligence Analyzer automatically offers you the annual sales. Similarly, it can provide a comparison between the accumulated bookings of the current year and that of the previous year.


Establishing a difference from the rest

Reservations on the books are the bookings made at a hotel for a specific period.

It is possible to view the data from both the current month and the same month of the previous year. Similar to the previous sections, you can select another month apart from the current month depending on the data you want to obtain.

This option is completed with a negative and positive TOP (ranking) of the bookings made.

THE POWER OF THE VALUE-ADDED: How to interpret the results?

Understanding what is happening

We complement the tools with a whole series of variables that will help you understand what is happening and which marketing actions are actually working.

You can check the most-booked rooms, the most successful promotions, the most in-demand rates, the countries in which you have the highest visibility, the most selected board bases or even the devices that your clients use to start the purchase process.

All of this is viewable with a default option that will save you from performing unnecessary searches. You also get to choose how to view the data. It could be either a table or graphs.


The importance of predicting demand

Because we want to make your life easier, we at Paraty Tech have opted for simplicity and usability.

We have turned our Business Intelligence tool into an online and interactive solution, without compromising design. Now it is possible to check what is happening with your bookings and to make comparisons whenever you want without having to wait. You get to choose when and how. From the computer screen or in pdf format. Excel chart or graphs. The current month or previous period. Annual or monthly cumulative sales.

We offer you all the information you need to predict the demand and adjust your marketing strategies according to the needs of your customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us 24/7/365.

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