PriceSeeker, Paraty Tech’s price comparison tool, monitors the prices offered on booking.basic had somehow warned us last July that booking.basic could reach Europe once the proper testing in the Asian market was carried out.

There is no reason why the OTA should not do it. Keep in mind that the main objective of is to offer the best price and booking.basic is perfectly aligned with its business strategy.

And although, as expected, has activated it in various European hotel establishments by default and without prior notice, Priceseeker, Paraty Techs price comparison tool, has already been monitoring the prices offered on booking.basic.

Through Priceseeker you can automatically control the price of third parties in the OTA, without the need to do the search on their official website. This will allow you to check if you belong to the group of accommodation that has included on booking.basic.

Even so, we remind you that offers the inventory of third parties on its website through booking.basic.

Booking.basic is activated by when the OTA does not have the best price available. When it offers the prices of third parties, specifically from the travel providers like, formerly known as CTrip, and Agoda, it doesnt mean that the OTA could not reach new agreements with other service providers in the future.

Controlling prices is a key principle of revenue management. Do not give up a good pricing strategy and do not rush into making a decision. With Priceseeker you will know anytime is offering third-party prices.

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