We have launched our own magazine to make sure you’re always up to date: EN LÍNEA is Paraty Tech Inside Out

Two years ago, our Director of Sales, Silvia Muñoz, came up with a great idea. Today, that initiative has evolved into our very own magazine. The best way to always feel connected to the life of Paraty Tech, to always be up to date, online.


It emerged as an internal communication channel. As the staff of a company grows, it becomes more and more difficult for everyone to be aware of the many things that happen inside and outside the office. Furthermore, if you work in another city, the task gets even more complicated. That is precisely the case of Silvia Muñoz, our Director of Sales. Located in Barcelona, she felt that was missing out on a lot of interesting things on many occasions and that she was always the last to learn about the latest news. She then proposed creating a publication that would allow her to feel connected to the day-to-day of the office, which would make it easy for her to be always online.

Throughout the last two years, that original idea has matured, like wine, until it led us to the conclusion that if it’s interesting for us then it’s interesting for you as well. After all, we’re part of the same team, right?

The EN LÍNEA quarterly magazine is Paraty Tech in its purest state: news, infographics, articles, curiosities and anecdotes, new functionalities, webs in production, team introductions, etc. All our activity at your service in a convenient and attractive format.

This first issue has been a challenge but the satisfaction of finally seeing the light is unquestionable and, most specially, we feel that the extraordinary result lets us feel very optimistic about the future. We know that EN LÍNEA will grow, also inspired by the feedback of other professionals in the field, incorporating your reviews and suggestions and including a greater volume of information of interest. It will continue to evolve and become a key element of our communication.

Without further ado, here it is. Enjoy!

Click on the following image to read the magazine in Issuu.


Or you may also download the PDF here

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