Save the date: Reactivate the demand of destinations at DestinaXtion, the free virtual event, on the 29th and 30th of September.

Turobserver, part of Paraty World group, which offers full support services to destinations, embarks on what is probably its most ambitious adventure to date. DestinaXtion – Connecting Tourism Players (September 29-30, 2021) is a free virtual event, with limited capacity and 2 days of duration, designed to boost the reactivation of destinations and recover the demand of its main markets, connecting decision makers of destinations, tour operators, agencies, airlines and technology providers, among other players in the travel sector

Why DestinaXtion?

It is imperative to continue to keep an eye on the increasingly weakened virus, to make a last effort that allows us to leave the worst of the pandemic behind and learn to live cordially with our “invader”. All players, and especially tourist destinations, need to take over the situation, take action, innovate, reinvent themselves, and return, perhaps, to their origins, to work from the analysis of their own DNA, with the aim of identifying new business opportunities and once again, offer the whole world its best version.

In this sense, Cindy Johansson, Project Manager of Turobserver, refersto the event as “the ideal framework to enhance the visibility of destinations and encourage demand, using as a vehicle the feeling of belonging to a community determined to transform the tourism sectorgiving away knowledge, sharing experience and establishing commercial bridges through one-to-one meetings ”.


Among the services offered by Turobserver is the arrangement of customized virtual workshops, from which destinations such as Costa Cálida – Region of Murcia, Granada, Benidorm or Almería have alreadybenefited. The experience accumulated in the organization of these online conferences has been precisely the ideal backround for DestinaXtion – Connecting Tourism Players, whose name is an obviousnod to the need for destinations to take action, after practically a yearand a half of uncertainty.

The success and impact of fairs such as Pabellón 8 and Pavilhão 3, held in January and March of this year, and behind whose organizationis also the Paraty World group, constitute an important precedent andour best endorsement.

The format: a different virtual event

DestinaXtion – Connecting Tourism Players is a free virtual event, with limited capacity, and in bilingual format (depending on the origin of the speakers), which will take place from September 29 to 30, 2021. Two full days of networking, via one meeting 30-minute-to-one, complemented by an enriching program of live and delayed content, made up of round tables, interviews and promotional spots, with the most influential professionals in the sector.

All registered participants will have the opportunity to make a business file, as a virtual stand, and build an unlimited appointment schedule according to your commercial and strategic interests, on a platform enabled for this purpose in which the entire event will take place: from the registration, to the management of the appointments, going through the attendance to the different contents of the program.

We like to emphasize the fact that DestinaXtion – Connecting Tourism Players is not just another online day. There will be very interesting content, of course, but it is, above all, a fair, and very different from others that you may be used to, mainly for two reasons:

It is Free: We want you to encourage business with your presence. You can thank in advance our collaborators, partners and media partners, without whom it would not be possible.
It has a Limited Capacity: we are not looking for quantity, but quality. Those of you who want to attend the programme can register as audience, but those of you who opt for any of the other registration profiles, it is important that you know that proactivity and, above all, formalism is expected from you. The success of the event depends on it.

To whom?

All those players who are part of the ecosystem of tourist destinations will have a place in DestinaXtion – Connecting Tourism Players, the common denominator being the intention to transform and promote the recovery of one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic:

  • Destinations: public or private entities in charge of the management and marketing of destinations in the national territory.
  • Tour operators: both national and international, interested in establishing business relationships with participating destinations.
  • Technology providers: that provide their services mainly to destinations.
  • Airlines
  • Travel agency
  • Media
  • Audience : with a very limited capacity, they will not have access to networking, but they will have access to the content program.

Can I be a Partner of the event?

Yes, the selection of partners is already open and having your collaboration will undoubtedly suppose a very important support. Therefore, those who want to enjoy an extra component of visibility, and enjoy a series of additional privileges, can contact us from today ( Now, we want to make it clear that financing is not what we are looking for, but the commitment of companies that want to contribute their know-how and experience. Therefore, the number of partners is also limited and the cost more than reasonable.

Media Partners

We believe that the media also play a esential role in the event. In addition to having your own registration profile to be part of the networking with the aim of doing business, we offer you the possibility of joining DestinaXtion – Connecting Tourism Players as Media Partners.

Currently, Tecnohotel, Smart Travel News, Hostelpro and TUR 43 have already confirmed their status as Media Partners, and we hope that other headers will soon do so. If you are interested, you can contact Daniel Romero, Communication Director of the Paraty World group (

When can I sign up?

We are preparing everything to open the registry at the end of July. In this way, we will offer two full months to register, a reasonable period, especially being very aware that during the month of August many of you will be away. Stay tuned to our communication channels and the main communication media in the sector.

I still need more information

You can contact us at any time to expand this information or clarify any questions:

Cindy Johansson, Turobserver Project Manager –
Simone Negri, Turobserver Sales Manager –
Daniel Romero, Paraty World Communications Manager –


Covid-19 has not stopped altering the maps of distribution and mobility. The sector continues to struggle to overcome an unprecedented crisis and, at this point, it is evident that it is no longer enough.

Completely immersed in the fifth wave, everything indicates that the most optimistic forecasts will not be fulfilled and the summer season will not end up being the desired one. However, it is true that we start to the see the light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccination campaign is finally progressing at a reasonable pace, and the country is expected to achieve a high immunity in the autumn.

For this reason, an initiative such as DestinaXtion – Connecting Tourism Players stands as the definitive reinforcement. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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