Data Seekers nominated for World’s Best Car Rental Technology Provider 2021 at the World Travel Tech Awards

Hand in hand with Price Seeker, the name given to Data Seeker’s pricing intelligence tool, this Malaga-based technology company located in Torremolinos and belonging to the Paraty World group, has been nominated for the "World's Best Car Rental Technology Provider 2021”at the 1st Edition of the World Travel Tech Awards.

Save the date: Reactivate the demand of destinations at DestinaXtion, the free virtual event, on the 29th and 30th of September.

to destinations, embarks on what is probably its most ambitious adventure to date. DestinaXtion - Connecting Tourism Players (September 29-30, 2021) is a free virtual event, with limited capacity and 2 days of duration, designed to boost the reactivation of Spanish destinations and recover the demand of its main markets, connecting decision makers of destinations, tour operators, agencies, airlines and technology providers, among other players in the travel sector.

PriceSeeker, Paraty Tech’s price comparison tool, monitors the prices offered on booking.basic had somehow warned us last July that booking.basic could reach Europe once the proper testing in the Asian market was carried out. There is no reason why the OTA should not do it. Keep in mind that the main objective of is to offer the best price and booking.basic is perfectly aligned with... Continue Reading →

Paraty Tech arrives in Asia and consolidates positions in Europe and LATAM

  The technology company from Málaga, Paraty Tech, specialising in revenue management and online marketing solutions, reaches the Asian market after signing a collaboration agreement with two of the largest ryokan distribution companies in Japan.   Portugal The signing of this agreement consolidates the international expansion process that the company started three years ago, positioning... Continue Reading →

The daily life of a revenue manager: how much does my service cost and how much is the client willing to pay?

Setting prices is often about much more than simply the competition, intermediated channels and the market. Once you have decided on your rack rate and defined your BAR rate structure, the question may be a rounded, odd or even price? Or in other words, €100, €99 or €98?   Psychological prices vs. dynamic rates Psychological prices... Continue Reading →

Who`s who?

Data Seekers, the technological arm of Paraty Tech, takes centre stage on social networks and it already has a LinkedIn profile. Who are Paraty Tech and who are Data Seekers? In this regard, it’s important to note that Paraty Tech is defined as a technology services company offering revenue management and online marketing solutions, specialised... Continue Reading →

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