Listen Up: Make the most of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction surveys are a key source of information about which aspects of the service are most valued by your customers as well as the areas for improvement after their stay in your establishment. There is no doubt that a well-designed customer satisfaction survey not only provides a direct channel of communication between the hotel and... Continue Reading →

Making Decisions in real time is possible: Business Intelligence Analyzer

Data collection has become an essential facet of business management. However, the use of data is more important than the value of the data. As such, transforming the information into an added plus to the decision making process is key through correct interpretation. This is known as Business Intelligence. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FROM A TECHNOLOGICAL VIEWPOINT... Continue Reading →

“The perfect way to close sales consists of establishing a formula that sets you apart when closing each channel”

  Daniel Sánchez, revenue manager at Paraty Tech, details his experience managing distribution channels. Daniel goes into depth on questions about parity, average prices and the price/quality ratio and clearly states that the revenue manager at a hotel develops a key task at the establishment, as far as the direct channel is concerned. Average prices.... Continue Reading →

Paraty Tech felicita o seu parceiro Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa

A Paraty Tech dá os Parabéns ao seu parceiro, a unidade Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa pelo prémio “Contributo para a Defesa da Gastronomia como Património Nacional”. Este prémio atribuído pela AHRESP, pretende divulgar o que de melhor se faz associado ao sector de Turismo, Hotelaria e Restauração e distingue empresas e profissionais que... Continue Reading →

Long tail SEO, bonus track and geolocation: online marketing for independent hotels

Online positioning for independent hotels can be more difficult than for large chains, especially in terms of SEO or natural positioning. Improving results on search engine result pages (SERPS) must be the objective. However, it’s important to understand your limitations in order to identify opportunities. Search engine marketing for independent hotels has become an obligatory... Continue Reading →

Innovation vs. Technologie, das Dilemma des disruptiven Hotels

Gemäß unzähliger bestehender Definitionen, disruptiv bedeutet, allgemein formuliert, «etwas», das alles zuvor Errichtete jäh aufbricht und eine Veränderung einleitet. Darum kann die erste Anmerkung hierzu, zu einem Durchschlag, die sein, dass der Zusammenhang nicht notwendigerweise nur in der Technologie zu sehen ist. Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass sich die unternehmerischen Parameter und Paradigmen im Laufe... Continue Reading →

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