Many aspects that requiere much patience.Technology at the service of hoteliers.

Have you ever had the feeling that technology is moving so quickly it’s impossible to get a grasp of it? It almost seems as though the minute you’ve familiarised yourself with a term or concept, a more advanced version appears, meaning you need to start over. Step by step… Keep saying it to yourself. It’s... Continue Reading →

Long tail SEO, bonus track and geolocation: online marketing for independent hotels

Online positioning for independent hotels can be more difficult than for large chains, especially in terms of SEO or natural positioning. Improving results on search engine result pages (SERPS) must be the objective. However, it’s important to understand your limitations in order to identify opportunities. Search engine marketing for independent hotels has become an obligatory... Continue Reading →

The hotel has, Rescue Seeker proposes

Trying to recover “something” that has escaped you, or simply recover “something” you thought lost is a “but” that in a way humanises any form of business management and contributes decisively to the achievement of your objectives.  THE CLIENT DECIDES The complications hidden in the purchase decision process are one of the main obstacles we... Continue Reading →

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