O Price Seeker acompanha as pegadas da Booking.com: a diferença entre os preços da versão Mobile e da APP da Booking

Além de monitorizar os preços do seu site em desktop, mobile ou programas e funcionalidade como Booking.basic, Genious ou Early Payment Benefit, o Price Seeker agora também diferencia os preços da App da Booking.

PriceSeeker, Paraty Tech’s price comparison tool, monitors the prices offered on booking.basic

Booking.com had somehow warned us last July that booking.basic could reach Europe once the proper testing in the Asian market was carried out. There is no reason why the OTA should not do it. Keep in mind that the main objective of Booking.com is to offer the best price and booking.basic is perfectly aligned with... Continue Reading →

PriceSeeker has arrived in Greece

Paraty Tech closes the first half of the year with great results with regards to its internationalisation plan. Together with its partner Hotelsoft, the advent of PriceSeeker in Greece consolidates the company’s international trade network and establishes it as a benchmark in the Greek market. In this regard, Daniel Sánchez, business development manager at Paraty... Continue Reading →

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