SEO para Hotéis: Benefícios e Estratégias em 2023

Benefícios de SEO para hotéis O posicionamento SEO para hotéis pode contribuir para o aumento das vendas diretas do seu hotel ou negócio turístico. Quais são as estratégias e ferramentas que utilizamos na Paraty Tech para atingir este objetivo? Fique connosco, que lhe contamos tudo. O posicionamento SEO no setor hoteleiro Em primeiro lugar, olhemos... Continue Reading →

Boost direct bookings on your website: Everything you need to know about Google Hotel Ads and the CPA pricing model

David Madrigal, operations manager at Paraty Tech  What is Google Hotel Ads? Google Hotel Ads is an ad management platform exclusive for hotels that showcases your establishment on and Google Maps. With Google Hotel Ads, travellers can book directly on your website. This allows you to control the entire process. How is the user... Continue Reading →

{SUCCESS STORY} PARITY MAKER. Reactive automation v. proactive automation

An improvement in the results of any company is based on its ability to optimise processes. In this regard, the automation of different procedures enables time to be saved, the number of errors to be reduced, greater agility, and the attainment of relevant information related to possible clients or the competition. In this context, at... Continue Reading →

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