PriceSeeker has arrived in Greece

Paraty Tech closes the first half of the year with great results with regards to its internationalisation plan. Together with its partner Hotelsoft, the advent of PriceSeeker in Greece consolidates the company’s international trade network and establishes it as a benchmark in the Greek market. In this regard, Daniel Sánchez, business development manager at Paraty... Continue Reading →

Paraty Tech launches the new version of its booking engine

The new version of the Paraty Tech booking engine is now available. The latest version of the Paraty Hotel Manager has been designed to meet the needs of hoteliers and to keep up with the recent changes in the tourism market. In this regard, Gina Matheis, CEO of the company, points out that "the main... Continue Reading →

Paraty Tech has reached an agreement with a high-tech Swiss company: Hotel Spider

In line with the international expansion strategy that Paraty Tech has developed in the last years, we are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Hotel Spider, a high-tech Swiss company, in order to integrate our booking engine with their Channel Manager. This new collaboration consolidates our presence in the european market,... Continue Reading →

The daily life of a revenue manager: how much does my service cost and how much is the client willing to pay?

Setting prices is often about much more than simply the competition, intermediated channels and the market. Once you have decided on your rack rate and defined your BAR rate structure, the question may be a rounded, odd or even price? Or in other words, €100, €99 or €98?   Psychological prices vs. dynamic rates Psychological prices... Continue Reading →

“Smart” revenue management

Pablo Gómez Arjona, Revenue Manager at Paraty Tech, explains what “smart” revenue management means and what new technologies applied to the dynamic setting of rates has involved for hoteliers. What are Floating BAR rates? The term, “Floating BAR”, refers to the full relaxation of rates such that adapting rates to your hotel’s demand is constant,... Continue Reading →

Who`s who?

Data Seekers, the technological arm of Paraty Tech, takes centre stage on social networks and it already has a LinkedIn profile. Who are Paraty Tech and who are Data Seekers? In this regard, it’s important to note that Paraty Tech is defined as a technology services company offering revenue management and online marketing solutions, specialised... Continue Reading →

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