The 24-hour economy

By Gina Matheis, CEO en Paraty Tech Managing an inventory of hotel rooms doesn’t differ too much from managing an inventory of any other product. In the decision making process you must consider issues such as rooms you want to sell first of all, others you want to sell second, and ones you want to... Continue Reading →

“The perfect way to close sales consists of establishing a formula that sets you apart when closing each channel”

  Daniel Sánchez, revenue manager at Paraty Tech, details his experience managing distribution channels. Daniel goes into depth on questions about parity, average prices and the price/quality ratio and clearly states that the revenue manager at a hotel develops a key task at the establishment, as far as the direct channel is concerned. Average prices.... Continue Reading →

(INFOGRAPHIC) Interesting facts about revenue management

Revenue management has been the undisputed protagonist of hotel management in recent months, nobody doubts that. In addition, much still lies ahead of it. As a technique, it goes hand-in-hand with marketing and therefore it’s a close friend of big data. This is a fact and it will continue occupying many of the specialised contents... Continue Reading →

The Revenue Management Cycle: 6 steps to optimise your income

Revenue management is a long-term management strategy with immediate results that optimise the income of a hotel establishment during periods of high and low demand. As such, revenue management could be defined as a demand behaviour prediction technique, the aim of which is to increase a hotel’s income. More specifically, revenue management can be considered... Continue Reading →

Paraty Tech felicita o seu parceiro Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa

A Paraty Tech dá os Parabéns ao seu parceiro, a unidade Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa pelo prémio “Contributo para a Defesa da Gastronomia como Património Nacional”. Este prémio atribuído pela AHRESP, pretende divulgar o que de melhor se faz associado ao sector de Turismo, Hotelaria e Restauração e distingue empresas e profissionais que... Continue Reading →

Three essential tools for any revenue manager

Revenue management is here to stay, or at least it seems that way. It’s a fact that the specific characteristics of the hotel sector have made a decisive contribution in recent years to all establishments consolidating their Revenue Management Department in light of the need to optimise income, bearing in mind that rooms are limited,... Continue Reading →

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