Paraty Tech: três anos em Portugal a potencializar a venda direta dos estabelecimentos hoteleiros

A entrada da Paraty Tech no território português foi um dos primeiros passos da estratégia de internacionalização da empresa. Apenas 3 anos depois, cadeias hoteleiras da magnitude da Nau Hotels ou Luna Hotels fazem parte da sua extensa carteira de clientes dentro do país. Presença de multinacional, coração de starup. Assim é a Paraty Tech... Continue Reading →

We have detected’s latest move against direct bookings has recently rolled out a new feature called Early Payment Benefit in some hotels outside Spain. Disguised as an improvement on the price for paying in advance, as the name suggests, it is, in fact, an automatic system that offers discounts in order to settle negative disparities with other channels, including direct sales from... Continue Reading →

Boost direct bookings on your website: Everything you need to know about Google Hotel Ads and the CPA pricing model

David Madrigal, operations manager at Paraty Tech  What is Google Hotel Ads? Google Hotel Ads is an ad management platform exclusive for hotels that showcases your establishment on and Google Maps. With Google Hotel Ads, travellers can book directly on your website. This allows you to control the entire process. How is the user... Continue Reading →

PriceSeeker, Paraty Tech’s price comparison tool, monitors the prices offered on booking.basic had somehow warned us last July that booking.basic could reach Europe once the proper testing in the Asian market was carried out. There is no reason why the OTA should not do it. Keep in mind that the main objective of is to offer the best price and booking.basic is perfectly aligned with... Continue Reading →

Paraty Tech arrives in Asia and consolidates positions in Europe and LATAM

  The technology company from Málaga, Paraty Tech, specialising in revenue management and online marketing solutions, reaches the Asian market after signing a collaboration agreement with two of the largest ryokan distribution companies in Japan.   Portugal The signing of this agreement consolidates the international expansion process that the company started three years ago, positioning... Continue Reading →

5 ways to increase your direct sales via loyalty

Loyalty clubs have a number of advantages although recently, they seem to have gone out of style. The truth is that they still work. One of the reasons is that the Internet allows us to adapt our retention strategy to the needs of our customers, adding value to those services that best meet the requirements... Continue Reading →

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