Tecnologias e ferramentas no novo paradigma digital

O mundo inteiro rende-se ao intravável processo de digitalização. Uma realidade palpável em concertos, supermercados, mesas de restaurante ou simplesmente num passeio pela rua. No que diz respeito aos hotéis, esta situação torna-se ainda mais evidente. Se há algo que mudou nos últimos anos, foi o modo como os viajantes definem as suas férias, escapadas... Continue Reading →

Thomas Cook bankruptcy: could hotels have minimized its impact?

Yesterday was a sad day for the world of tourism and especially worrying about the hotel ecosystem. Many of us learned, still with the first morning coffee in hand, of the bankruptcy of the historic British tour operator Thomas Cook, announced at dawn by its CEO Peter Fankhauser. Even being able to guess the answer,... Continue Reading →

We have launched our own magazine to make sure you’re always up to date: EN LÍNEA is Paraty Tech Inside Out

Two years ago, our Director of Sales, Silvia Muñoz, came up with a great idea. Today, that initiative has evolved into our very own magazine. The best way to always feel connected to the life of Paraty Tech, to always be up to date, online. READ IN ISSUU DOWNLOAD PDF It emerged as an internal... Continue Reading →

The JTB Group, the largest tour operator in Japan, buys ‘made in the Costa del Sol’ technology

JTB Business Innovators Corp. (JBI) will exclusively distribute our booking engine and revenue management solutions in Japan JTB Business Innovators Corp., the innovation division of the JTB Group (Japan's largest tour operator) has confirmed their interest in our technological solutions through a collaboration agreement that will be unveiled soon. After months of negotiations, JBI will exclusively... Continue Reading →

We predicted it and now it is here: Early Payment Benefit of Booking.com arrives in Spain

No more than three weeks ago we alerted the hoteliers about the new initiative against direct sales that Booking.com had launched in certain countries. Well, Early Payment Benefit, as they call it, is now operational in Spain and we have witnessed its impact on the first victims in our country first-hand. If hoteliers do not... Continue Reading →

We have detected Booking.com’s latest move against direct bookings

Booking.com has recently rolled out a new feature called Early Payment Benefit in some hotels outside Spain. Disguised as an improvement on the price for paying in advance, as the name suggests, it is, in fact, an automatic system that offers discounts in order to settle negative disparities with other channels, including direct sales from... Continue Reading →

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