Big Data V. Small Data: the quality of data is in the smiles of clients


Gina Matheis, CEO at Paraty Tech

When you are busy collecting as much data as possible to extract big percentages in relation to the strategic decisions of your hotel establishments and so you can segment the market in the best way possible – adapting price, product, service, distribution and communication to the needs of even the most demanding clients – you can often forget that neither improvements nor the most powerful technological developments are yet capable of measuring smiles, anger or the concerns of your clients.

It is incredibly striking how some brands have tried to address the complex world of emotions, eliminating traditional satisfaction questionnaires for a new concept where three buttons and three little faces quantify the suitability of the purchasing experience with user expectations.

It’s obvious that big data has become an obligation if you want to increase sales. However, not all data is useful as an indiscriminate collection of data is sometimes pointless: not all data is subsequently analysed given that the information it includes is not quantifiable. It’s not interesting on a qualitative level either.

For this reason, you shouldn’t forget that cold, hard numbers can be pooled with the quality you offer to each client through the expression of their emotions: in other words, small data.

In this regard, you’re in luck. A few years ago, this was only possible by observing the behaviour of tourists in establishments. Today, it can be done using social networks.

Clients are using this means of communication more and more. Therefore, your hotel is closer than ever before and clients can express their sentiments linked to primary emotions, such as concern or happiness, and which sometimes amount to deep anger at the service provided. Others will results in recommendations or a repeat purchase.

Combining both data collection techniques is the only way to guarantee long-term success. Nobody likes to be just a number, trend, or percentage. We all enjoy being called by our name.

At Paraty Tech we can help you to call each of your clients by their name!

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